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Chinese New Year

This is a transcription of an interview with a friend from high school, identified as A. In this piece, I am identified as IC. IC: So, tell me about Chinese New Year. Where does it come from? A: Lunar New Year is something that happens at the beginning of every calendar year and so it’s… Continue Reading »

七姊誕 (cat1 zi2 daan3), The Annual Meeting of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl – The Chinese Qixi Festival

Item: H: 七姊誕 (cat1 zi2 daan3), I don’t know like, um, July 7*.  Oh I know, 七姊誕係 (cat1 zi2 daan3 hai6) um, the girl is- she’s- she’s number seven so 叫七 (giu3 cat1) and um, loves the boy and the families not, like, agree to- they are marrying so they build the bridge. [Translation: The… Continue Reading »