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Ghost Month

Description: A month dedicated to ghosts as they come to the land of the living and wander the streets. The ghosts would stay starting from the first day of the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar. During this time, people would leave food and other object offerings to the hungry ghosts. Background: As the informant… Continue Reading »

QingMing Festival

Description: It is a Taiwanese holiday where people would visit the graves of their ancestors and loved ones.  Background: It was considered a national holiday in Taiwan, where she lived. Transcript: BL: So there is a holiday in Taiwan called QingMingJie or QingMing Festival, some people call it Tomb-Sweeping day. It’s when we go to… Continue Reading »

Cutting Hairs in the 1st Lunar Month

Backgrounds: DerShann is currently a student at USC, majoring in Philoshophy. His family are from Tsingtao, Shandong, China. He likes to play the game League of Legends, and the following folklore is collected during some of the games we played together via the voice chat chanel. The Main Piece: DerShann: Let me think of some… Continue Reading »

The Warding Effects of Garlic

Main Piece: During many traditional Korean commemorative ceremonies called jesa (제사), there is a part where a family’s ancestors are honored by being “brought in” through an open door and allowed to dine on the food first before the family that prepared it. Once it is time for the meal to be eaten by the… Continue Reading »