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Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival

Transcribed from my friend telling me about an event from his childhood memories.  There is a festival that happens in Vietnam in the autumn, or mid-fall. It goes according to the lunar calendar, it is on the 15th day of the 8th month, which is usually somewhere between september and october according to the western… Continue Reading »

Chinese New Year

This is a transcription of an interview with a friend from high school, identified as A. In this piece, I am identified as IC. IC: So, tell me about Chinese New Year. Where does it come from? A: Lunar New Year is something that happens at the beginning of every calendar year and so it’s… Continue Reading »

Haircut in the First Lunar Month Kills Your Uncle??

正月剪头死舅舅 Zhèng Yuè Jǐan Tóu Sǐ Jìu Jìu This is a Chinese saying that literally means “If you get hair cut in the first month of Chinese lunar calendar, your uncle (your mother’s brother) will die”.   Context: The collector and the informant were talking about weird Chinese sayings and customs heard from parents. The… Continue Reading »