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The Princeton Gate Superstition

Content: Informant – “The lore is that you can only go through the gate once as a Freshman and you can only leave through the gate as a senior or you won’t graduate.” JK – “So how do you get onto the campus then?” Informant – “This is just the main gate. There are other… Continue Reading »

MS College for Women: Old Maid’s Gate

Title: MS College for Women: Old Maid’s Gate Category: Curse/ Conversion Magic Informant: Lieanne Walker Nationality: American, caucasian Age: Upper 60s Occupation: Blue Collar— Homemaker, stockman, Home Depot Employee, etc. Residence: Columbus, MS Date of Collection: 4/21/18 Description: The Old Maid’s Gate on The Mississippi College for Women’s campus has a curse associated with it…. Continue Reading »