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Gray Thursday and Black Friday

Main Piece: Within the private schools in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area the informant explained to me there is a tradition of Black Friday and Gray Thursday. This description is the informant’s personal experience with Black Friday.  Black Friday was the day before the seniors were going to graduate. Before Black Friday the informant said… Continue Reading »

The Philly Cheesesteak Challenge

Main Piece: This is a transcription of the informant explaining the Philly Cheesesteak Challenge.  So basically it’s this tradition that you do during your second semester of your senior year of high school, it’s mostly people in the DMV you know D.C, Maryland, Virginia. The point of the challenge is you’ll meet up with friends… Continue Reading »

Exchanging Senior Portraits – A High School Custom

Item: Q: Did you take prom pictures? T: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Oh! Exchanging pictures, that’s something people do, like prom pictures and senior pictures. Q: Why do people exchange senior pictures? T: Oh bro Ion’ know. I actually don’t know. Like… like… cause yenno people, like, write little notes on the back of it? Q: Mhmm…. Continue Reading »

USC High Dive: Graduation Tradition

Main Piece: Jumping off the high dive at the USC Aquatic Center before you graduate Informant: Apparently you have to jump off the high dive before you graduate from USC. It’s in the aquatic center and it’s like 30 or 40 feet high in the air. You’re supposed to like go break in or something… Continue Reading »

The Princeton Gate Superstition

Content: Informant – “The lore is that you can only go through the gate once as a Freshman and you can only leave through the gate as a senior or you won’t graduate.” JK – “So how do you get onto the campus then?” Informant – “This is just the main gate. There are other… Continue Reading »