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Hebrew Slang: סַבַּבָּח (Sababa)

Genre: Slang, Folk Speech   Nationality: Israeli and American Location: Israel Language: Hebrew   Hebrew: סַבַּבָּח (read right to left) English: Sababa (suh-bɒ-bɒ)   Abstract: סַבַּבָּח (sababa) is a Hebrew word meaning “cool” or “got it.” It is a way for someone to acknowledge what someone said in one slang word. In Israel, it is… Continue Reading »

Israeli Hand Symbol to Wait

Genre: Folk Kinesthetic/Gesture   Nationality: Israeli and American Location: Israel Language: Hand gesture, transcends language   Abstract: The hand symbol/gesture in discussion is telling someone to hold on/wait a second in a semi-aggressive manner.   Background: KP is a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, but spent his entire life growing up in… Continue Reading »

Red String Bracelets

“If you go to the western wall in Israel there’s always people who are there—like around there and basically, like, they give you, um, like you’ll give them money, like, if they’re like begging and then they give you a red string and then they make a blessing on it and then you can’t take… Continue Reading »


About the Interviewed: Charly Cohen is a student at the University of Southern California majoring in Theatre. Her background is nomadic, having been born in Kentucky, moved to Washington, then to Israel, then to Vancouver, and back to Washington again! Her ethnic backdrop is Jewish. She’s a fellow classmate. Charly and I had gotten onto the… Continue Reading »