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Afikoman: Jewish Holiday Folk Game

Context: AW sits with her daughter preparing for the second night of her Passover Seder, the room is bustling with activity as people get food prepared for AW’s many relatives. AW’s Daughter chimes in every so often to ask questions ——————————————————————————————————————— Performance: MW: So what do you know about the Afikoman? AW: The Matzah, the… Continue Reading »

The Passover Plate and Matzah – Symbolic Food at the Passover Seder

Item: L: This is gonna explain the Passover plate in the middle, not all things are on it ‘cause we have a big bowl of charoset and um, and we don’t have a lamb’s shank bone because yenno, where you gonna find those?  Not really, so we’ll just break something else and uh.. S: For… Continue Reading »

Mufleta Recipe: Jewish Moroccan Passover Traditional Food

Recipe: 3 cups flour (add more or less depending on desired texture) 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 – 2 cups water 1/4 – 1/3 cup oil 1. Mix flour and salt, add water to the other mix. You’ll you get a dough consistency. Pour some oil on top of the dough cover. Let it stand. 2. On a… Continue Reading »

Recipe for Passover Kugel

Ingredients: –  Can of Peaches – Cinnamon – Eggs (however you like them) -Matzoh Bread   Steps: D.F. – “So this is the recipe for passover Kugel.  And uh, this is different from regular kugel, because regular kugel has leavened noodles in it, and that’s a no-no for passover. So: Instead of using noodles, you use… Continue Reading »

Recipe for Matzoh Brie

Ingredients: – Matzoh bread – Eggs – Salt & Pepper   Steps D.F. – “Some people do it differently, but my family – you start with one board of matzoh per egg, so – if you have two boards of matzah, that’s two eggs, and a bowl of warm water uh: – First you need… Continue Reading »