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Ambulance Chasers

Main Piece Informant: “We [corporate lawyers] call personal injury attorneys “ambulance chasers.” We mean this as a joke, obviously, but sometimes we … don’t. There’s this stereotype that personal injury attorneys chase around ambulances in order to add the injured persons to their clientele. It’s… it’s a real thing that people do. I know it’s… Continue Reading »

Chinese Proverb of “To Kill Two Birds with One Stone”

Main Story:  “There is a common saying in Chinese (Mandarin) : 箭双雕”  Original Script : 箭双雕  Phonetic: Yi (Yee) Jian Shuang Diao Transliteration: Complete two tasks with one job  Full translation: to shoot two birds with one arrow This saying is also present in English, it is the same concept as “to kill two birds… Continue Reading »

Knock a Dog Off a Gut Wagon

Piece: Informant: “Smelled so bad it would knock a dog off a gut wagon.” Background: The informant learned this saying from her mother, and explained that it came from old butcher shops that would deliver meat on vehicles called “gut wagons,” where the meat and inedible guts of an animal were separated. Context: This was… Continue Reading »

“Every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner.”

Subject: Yoruba (Nigerian Proverb Phonetic Script: “Kwa ụbọchị bụ maka ohi, otu ụbọchị dị ka onye nwe.” Translation:” Every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner.” Interpretation: You can lie, cheat, and steal, but one day, you will be caught. Analysis: This proverb shows the values of the Igbo people. Virtue is… Continue Reading »