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Greek Evil Eye (Object)

The informant showed me a piece of jewelry that she recently obtained from an expedition to Greece. It is strung on a very simple rope necklace. The pendant is what is called an “evil eye”. It is a vivid sapphire blue and in the shape of a circle. There is a smaller white circle within… Continue Reading »

Three Monks, No Water

My informant told me that his mother used to tell him this story when he was younger, around the age of 6. The proverb goes “One monk will get two buckets of water, two monks will share a load of water, three monks will have no water.” The original proverb is here: “一个和尚挑水喝,两个和尚抬水喝,三个和尚没水喝。” (Yi ge… Continue Reading »

Two Priests on a Plane Joke

(Warning: Content may be offensive) Informant: “Ok, so two priests are flying with a bunch of kids to meet the Pope. And they get halfway across the Atlantic… and um… the pilot tells them, “The plane is going to crash! We only have two parachutes!” One priest turns to the other and says, “Get the… Continue Reading »

Hold your breath through a tunnel

The informant explained this game they often play on road trips: “Whenever I go driving with my  family, we all hold our breaths whenever we reach a tunnel. Though it often turns into a competition for them, it has become a tradition.” Me: “When’s the first time you heard this game?” Informant: “I don’t remember… Continue Reading »