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Dark Humor in the ICU (“Celestial Transfer”)

Informant Context: Stella is a traveling ICU (intensive care unit) nurse who currently work in Atlanta, Georgia. Transcript: STELLA: I feel like people in the ICU especially have like, really dark humor. Um… like, dark kind of like—twisted humor? And I think like, you kind of like, have to be that way. Like, it’s like,… Continue Reading »


MAIN PIECE:  Informant: Well… So, my coworkers and I like to prank each other, and there was a time when there was this really stink––I can’t remember who started it––but one of us got this stinkiest cheese from the store and hid it in the other one’s desk. And then he hid it in my… Continue Reading »


MAIN PIECE: Informant: They chained a bowling ball to my leg… With a––with a, like chain. And I just kept telling them they had to remember not to push me in the pool that night… And they put me in a 12-year-old’s Superman costume. Like literally stuffed me into it, and everything was so far… Continue Reading »

Sana Sana Colita de Rana

Main Piece:  “Sana sana colita de rana Si no sana hoy Sana mañana” Transliteration: “Heal, heal, tiny frog tail If it doesn’t heal today It will heal tomorrow” Translation: “Heal, heal, tiny frog tail If it doesn’t heal today It will heal tomorrow” Background:  My informant is one of my friends who lives in Miami,… Continue Reading »