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Ukrainian Wedding Tradition

The following is transcribed from an interview between me and interviewee, referred to as MT.  MT: In my country, when someone wants to get married to a girl, they have to first barter for her with her neighborhood, essentially. Usually the neighborhood people ask for booze and money and then in exchange they’ll let her… Continue Reading »

Celebration of Springfest at an All-Female High School

Main Piece: The informant explained to me that there was a tradition of celebrating Springfest at their all-girls high school. Each year the juniors would all wear white dresses and the seniors would wear dresses of any color. The whole school from grades 5-12 would go sit in the chapel, while the juniors and seniors… Continue Reading »

Gray Thursday and Black Friday

Main Piece: Within the private schools in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area the informant explained to me there is a tradition of Black Friday and Gray Thursday. This description is the informant’s personal experience with Black Friday.  Black Friday was the day before the seniors were going to graduate. Before Black Friday the informant said… Continue Reading »

“Nwata adi ebu orika”-Onitsha Proverb

Context: This is a proverb that is native to my dad’s village and he learned it as a child growing up in Onitsha. Proverbs like this were a prominent means of giving advice and life lessons especially to the children of the tight-knit community.  “Nwata adi ebu orika” Transliterated Proverb Nwata: child Adi: does not… Continue Reading »