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“Thầng nào cùng muốn làm cha” Vietnamese Proverb

“Thầng nào cùng muốn làm cha” Transliterated Proverb Thầng: kid, brat (informal and familiar word to refer to a person; people of the same age can call each other this without it being disrespectful unless the disrespect is intended. An older person can call a younger person this without it being inappropriate, or a person… Continue Reading »

“Cây muốn lặng mà gió chẳng chịu đừng” Vietnamese Proverb

“Cây muốn lặng mà gió chẳng chịu đừng” Transliterated Proverb: Cây: tree Muốn: want Lặng: still (motion) Mà: but Gió: wind Chẳng: do not want Chịu: bear (endure) Đừng: stop Full translation: The tree wants to stay still, but the wind refuses to stop Explanation: This proverb is referring to two people. One is the… Continue Reading »

“Don’t Flip the Fish”: Vietnamese Folk Magic

Main Piece: D: When I worked at the train station– that was the very first train station at– the area name is called Cà Ná– that’s the region, the name– so that area has a village, the fishing village, so everybody there goes onto the boats. So you know when you eat fish– you know… Continue Reading »

Don’t Sweep the Floor on Lunar New Year

Main Piece: D: On the first day of New Year, you don’t sweep the floor. They believe that you’re gonna sweep away all of the good things– they don’t talk about luck, they talk about wealth, money. So you just keep it inside the house, or maybe you can gather it in one spot and… Continue Reading »

“Ta về ta tắm ao ta” Vietnamese Proverb

“Ta về ta tắm ao ta” Transliterated proverb: Ta: I, me Về: home Tằm: shower, bath, bathe Ao: pond Full translation: I will return home and bathe in my own pond Explanation: An American equivalent of this proverb would be “There is no place better than home.” Thus, this proverb means the best place is… Continue Reading »