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Back When Tigers Used to Smoke: The Origin of Korea

Context: The subject is a college freshman, born in South Korea before moving to the United States when they were 12 years old. I wanted to get to know more about any folklore they might have experienced growing up, so I conducted an interview with them to find out.   Piece: Subject: You know how… Continue Reading »

The Nightmarchers

Context: The subject is a 19 year old student at USC, her ancestors are Hawaiian and has grown up hearing and experiencing different stories about Hawaiian culture and old folktales. I asked her to coffee to discuss such things. Piece: Subject: “The Nightmarchers, are like ancient Hawaiian warriors who basically walk during certain parts of… Continue Reading »

Bathroom at Private, Jewish High School home to Naughty Folklore

Folk Story: “I’m pretty sure it’s a legend, but also it might be true…It was before my time. But, I went to a private Jewish high school in LA and there’s a bathroom on campus next to our gym that is fabled to – the girls bathroom specifically – apparently was home to a sex… Continue Reading »

The Graffiti House on Sullivan’s Island

Context: The subject is a student at USC who grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. I wanted to know if there were any local tales or folklore she knew of while growing up, so one night in my dorm I interviewed her for the project.   Piece: Subject: “Okay, the graffiti house, right, is this… Continue Reading »