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Guang Hua has 30 floors; a jump solves a thousand troubles.

Context The informant is a freshman at Fudan University. We were talking about our lives as college students when she brought up this item. Piece 光华三十楼,一跃解千愁 Roman form: Guang Hua san shi lou, yi yue jie qian chou. Transliteration: Guang Hua thirty floors, a jump solves a thousand troubles. Full translation: All trouble will be… Continue Reading »

Lead a Snot — Our Father Parody

Text The following piece was collected from a fifty-two year old Caucasian man from Chicago, Illinois. The man is Irish Catholic. The man will hereafter be referred to as the “Informant”, and I the “Collector”. Informant: “When we were in Mass, my siblings and I would say our own version of the Our Father.” Collector:… Continue Reading »

Religious ‘Crossing’ and Pre-Performance Chant Parodies

Informant (“A”) is a 19 year old, female from Rancho Santa Fe, California, and attends The University of Southern California. She is a Human Biology major. She is of European descent and her family includes her mother, father, and older brother who attends college in Texas. Informant has studied ballet for 17 years, including work… Continue Reading »