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Sana Sana Colita de Rana

Main Piece:  “Sana sana colita de rana Si no sana hoy Sana mañana” Transliteration: “Heal, heal, tiny frog tail If it doesn’t heal today It will heal tomorrow” Translation: “Heal, heal, tiny frog tail If it doesn’t heal today It will heal tomorrow” Background:  My informant is one of my friends who lives in Miami,… Continue Reading »

Chic-ory Chic

Background: My informant, who is my grandmother, learned this nonsense rhyme from her mother, who used it as a lullaby when she was a young girl. She has since passed it on to her children and grandchildren, remembering it as a source of nostalgia and for the satisfaction of its recitation. I also remember that… Continue Reading »


Context: The following informant, S, is a 59 yr. old man with three kids and a wife. Though the family does not identify as Christian, they celebrate Christmas and participate in the Christian tradition of Advent. This conversation took place when the informant was asked about any specific family traditions surrounding holidays.  Text: S: “So…… Continue Reading »

Ms. Lucy Nursery Rhyme

Context: The informants are brothers A, 19, and B, 15. This transcription was taken from an argument between the brothers over the “correct” words to the nursery rhyme about “Ms. Lucy.” The nursery rhyme is used mostly as a schoolyard game, sometimes accompanied by a hand-game the brothers tell me, but in their argument they… Continue Reading »