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Social Media Slang

Context: HO is an 18 year old college student who frequents instagram frequently and twitter infrequently. I, the interviewer am labeled as DJ. HO: “Horny on main” means, like, you’re openly talking about something a lot on your public instagram. DJ: Is it always on social media? HO: I think it’s only on social media…. Continue Reading »

Common DMV Slang: Sice

K: Every time you can tell someone is just straight-up lying or exaggerating over a situation, they’re sicing it. Sice is just slang for excited or exaggerated. It’s almost like lying but not quite. They’re just making a bigger deal out of what’s really going on. So whenever I hear someone just being overly dramatic,… Continue Reading »

New Zealand Slang

Piece: “Do you have any slang in New Zealand that you don’t hear here at all?” Oh yeah, we have lots. Togs – swimsuits (apparently the old english form for swimsuit) Jandals – flipflops Motorway – freeway Cuzzie – friends Scarfies – people from Dunedien Jafa – (Just another fucking Aucklander) People from Auckland Stubbies… Continue Reading »