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The House Across the Street

My informant, an Irish-American male, grew up immersed in Irish culture. He was excited to share his stories with me — especially because sharing stories is an important part of Irish social culture. I collected this story (which he learned from his father) from him while we sat on his couch:   “Back in Ireland,… Continue Reading »

Winchester Mystery House

BACKGROUND: A woman from Saratoga, California tells the legend of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. INTERVIEW: My interview with my source, L, went as follows: ME: So tell me about your experience with the Winchester House and like what you know. L: I grew up in San Jose and everywhere as a… Continue Reading »

The Cat’s Manor at USC

Folk Piece Informant: “So I live in a house on [REDACTED] street at the North University Park District of Los Angeles, California. Actually, the Governor of California used to live there in the early 1900s. But whoever lived there in the 1940s or ‘50s, um, they, there was a whole third story. Like picture the old victorian… Continue Reading »