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Spring Cleaning and Shopping: A Nowruz Tradition

Background: The informant is a sophomore film student at USC. He learned the tradition from practicing it with his mother’s side of the family during his childhood in San Ramon, CA. His mother was born in the US to Iranian parents and moved back to Iran for a brief period of time before moving back… Continue Reading »

Persian-American Nowruz Fire Jumping

Main Piece: Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (AM). CB “Okay, start by telling me why you participate in this event, what you call the event, and who  you participate with” AM “I celebrate Persian new year every year because I am Perisan and both of my family members that… Continue Reading »

Nowruz: Persian New Year Celebrations

Main Piece “Nowruz happens on the spring equinox, it’s the New Year so it’s celebrating new beginnings and whatnot. So then you set up a table called the halfsin table, and it has…I don’t know how many… and they all start with S in farsi. and it’s stuff like an apple, which represents…something. You spend… Continue Reading »