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Context: The informant is a current junior at Cal Poly SLO. She plays volleyball at the intramural level and has been playing volleyball since middle school.  The following is an interview between me (DM) and the informant (EM) EM: Peppering is a warm up drill between two to three players as a warmup drill where… Continue Reading »

Spirit Day

My informant graduated in 2011 from Notre Dame Academy Girl’s High School in West Los Angeles, California. She currently attends UCLA in Westwood, California. Notre Dame Academy, often called NDA, is a Catholic, all girls school with many traditions the students participate in annually. My informant told me about the one she considers most exciting… Continue Reading »

Pinky’s Up

Pinky’s Up Type: Athletic Tradition   My informant said his school’s volleyball team had a tradition each time the team was about to start the winning point. As a team, they say “Pinky’s up!” Raising, their little fingers, they begin the point. Tyler explained that the players do this so the team “wins with Class.”… Continue Reading »