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Tennis Serves

Context & Background: Informant: High school friend and tennis partner. Collected via telephone. This conversation highlights one of the common beliefs in the game of tennis. As high school tennis players, this belief wasn’t taught like the rules of the game, but rather picked up on by practice and seeing senior players play. RK –… Continue Reading »

Softball Nicknames

Context Being in a sports team throughout high school, there are many interesting rituals that we practice. The following comes from an interview with a fellow softball teammate as she recounts her favorite small ritual that we practiced in our team. ———————————————————————————————————— Performance The following is a story told to me by the interviewee. “In… Continue Reading »

The University of Alabama – Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Sports Chant

Context: Informant AA was a current undergraduate student at The University of Alabama at the time of this collection. Both of AA’s parents are passionate Alabama fans which meant that AA was practically born into the already prevalent game-day culture. Alabama game-day culture finds its peak during football season as The University of Alabama tends… Continue Reading »