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“Mountains do not meet but people do”

The original language and script: Munte cu munte nu se-ntâlnește, dar om cu om se-ntâlnește. The original is represented in Roman form as a Romanian proverb The transliterated proverb: Mountain with mountain does not meet, but man with man meets The fully translated proverb: A mountain doesn’t meet a mountain, but a man meets a… Continue Reading »

Derogatory Joke About Romani People

Main Piece: Subject: This is more of just like a classic- I think- Old man folklore. My Grandfather was basically like, “Yeah you know, you can’t trust gypsies.” He’s from Alabama. But he said, “You can’t trust gypsies. One time when I was little, we had a gypsy neighbor go around and ask for sugar… Continue Reading »

Easter games and traditions

My informant came from a mixed background.  One side of her family was Romanian and the other side was Italian.  During Easter, she would take part in traditions from both groups.  One of the Romanian traditions she would partake in was called Choking Eggs, where two people make painted eggs and then hard-boiled them.  Each… Continue Reading »