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Knocking on Wood

Main Content: M= Me, I= Informant M: So you said you grew up with a lot of fairy folklore? I:  Yeah, um, you know like the knock on wood, that’s the most common one. M: so what’s… what’s the background behind that? What happens if you don’t knock on wood? You know, why is it knock… Continue Reading »

Brian O’Donnell

The following is a story about an Irish legend.  The informant is represented by the letter S, and I am represented by the letter K. Piece: K: Tell me more of the Irish folklore you know about. S: So, uhm, another story I’ve heard is – uh – about a man named Brian O’Donnell and… Continue Reading »

Origin of Leprechauns and Fairies

The following is a story about the origin of leprechauns and fairies.  The informant is represented by P and I am represented by K. Piece:  P: Have you ever heard about how Leprechauns were born? K: No. P: So, many, many, many years ago, there was a great battle in Heaven.  There was the Devil… Continue Reading »

The Fair Folk

Context: The informant is a 35-year-old Caucasian male of Irish and Polish descent. He will be referred to as DB. The Folklore piece came to him from his father’s side of the family which is his Irish side. The story was shared by his grandmother and is told in his own words: Main Piece: The… Continue Reading »