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Easter egg game (Maseehh kom) – Arabic Folk Game

Context: She learned this game from her family when she was around two years old, in Egypt. She said that the reason they commemorate Jesus’s resurrection with cracking eggs is because Jesus emerged from the tomb like a chick emerging from an egg. Game: This game requires two people (P1 and P2), each with a… Continue Reading »

Easter ‘Locsolas’

Main Text:  Hungary’s Easter ‘Locsolkodás’ Background on Informant:  She was born and raised in Hungary, but moved to the United States in 1997. She is knowledgable of her roots and has lots of wisdom to share about its’ cultural traditions. She grew up in a religious family who practiced many Easter customs including the Easter… Continue Reading »

Christ is Risen

Piece R: “Christ is Risen!” O: “He is Risen Indeed!” Context On Easter, one would greet another those they meet with “Christ is Risen!” and that person is supposed to respond with “He is Risen Indeed!” The informant makes this exchange with people at their church and family members when waking them in the morning…. Continue Reading »

Ukrainian Easter Traditions

The following is a transcribed interview between me and interviewee, hereby further referred to as MT. MT: We are Greek Catholics, so that’s basically between Greek orthodox and Roman Catholic and so we celebrate on the Greek Orthodox Easter, which is a week after the popular Roman Catholic Easter. Me: Ok, and how do you… Continue Reading »


The following is a transcribed interview conducted over a video chat between me and interviewee, hereby further referred to as SM. Me: So how do you celebrate Easter? SM: Well, not all families do this, but my family plays this game every Easter called tsougrisma, it’s a Greek name but many countries have their variations,… Continue Reading »