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Salt After Funeral

Description: After a funeral, people would put salt on themselves in order to keep spirits out of their home. Background: The informant observed the ritual from his mother. Transcript: ML: My mom puts salt on herself before entering the house after a funeral. Me: Is there a reason that your mom does that? ML: I… Continue Reading »

Bread and Salt for new homeowners

Main Piece: What is the tradition? “It’s Jewish tradition when someone has a new house to bring bread and salt. Actually, I don’t think that’s it’s a Jewish tradition, I think it’s just a housewarming tradition because that sounds very Christian, like bread for Jesus, and salt for demons… I don’t know (laughs). Bread is… Continue Reading »

Out of Salt, Out of Money

Text/Interview: BR: “I have always lived by the saying, ‘Out of Salt, out of money.” Context: BR heard this for the first time when he got his first paycheck but remembers a similar saying from even before that. BR truly believes that you are never out of money until you have no salt. He always… Continue Reading »