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Madame Beetle searches for a husband

My informant was told this story as a child by his Iranian grandmother. He explained to me that she would often tell him stories when he was growing up, but he remembers this one the most vividly. He characterizes it:   “So this is a story that my grandmother (my mom’s mom) used to tell… Continue Reading »

The Woodchuck Riddle

I asked my informant to tell me a riddle or story he knew of:   Me: When did you hear this Riddle or Rhyme? Informant: Fifth grade Me: In Fifth grade… where? Informant: Just, a teacher told me Me: How does it go? Informant: How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck… Continue Reading »

Space Traveling Boy

I asked my informant if he could provide me with a piece of Folklore, and he suggested this story. According to the informant, his parents would tell it to him as a child, and he believes it is of Swiss origin, although he is not sure. “It’s about this little boy, who lives in space, and he… Continue Reading »

“Knock Knock, Who’s there?………..”

This is another seemingly popular “knock knock joke provided me by my informant: Informant: say “knock, knock” Me: knock, knock Informant: Who’s there? [a long pause followed by laughter] Informant: Yep, that’s the joke!   In this joke, the teller attempts to invert the knock knock sequence, by attempting the get the other party to tell… Continue Reading »