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Indian proverb about fate

Context & Background: Indian proverbs relating to death and fate. Translated from Hindi to English. Informant: an old lady from Rajasthan who is my late grandfather’s family friend. Performance: (via phone call) Proverb: “Jakho Rake Saiya, Maar Sake Na Koi” Transliteration: Jakho: Whoever Rake: Keep Saiya: God Maar: Kill Sake: able to  Na: not Koi:… Continue Reading »

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — Prayer for Good Luck

Text The following piece was collected from a seventy-three year-old woman from Vail, Colorado. She is Irish Catholic. She will hereafter be referred to as the “Informant” and I the “Collector”. Informant: “Oh, whenever my family needs a bit of luck, or we think someone else could use it, all you have to say is… Continue Reading »