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Christ is Risen

Piece R: “Christ is Risen!” O: “He is Risen Indeed!” Context On Easter, one would greet another those they meet with “Christ is Risen!” and that person is supposed to respond with “He is Risen Indeed!” The informant makes this exchange with people at their church and family members when waking them in the morning…. Continue Reading »


Context: The following informant, S, is a 59 yr. old man with three kids and a wife. Though the family does not identify as Christian, they celebrate Christmas and participate in the Christian tradition of Advent. This conversation took place when the informant was asked about any specific family traditions surrounding holidays.  Text: S: “So…… Continue Reading »

Familial Legends: Dreaming of the Devil

Every family member on J.R.’s father’s side has experienced the same DREAM. J.R. – “Every single person in my family on my dad’s side, as far back as, like, 4 generations, has had this terrible sleep paralysis at least once in their lives, and during this nightmare they see a manifestation which they believe to… Continue Reading »

“Ich bin klein”

Main piece: Ich bin klein mein Herz ist rein darf niemand drin wohnen als Jesus allein.   Informant’s English translation:   I am small, My heart is pure, So no one will live in my heart but Jesus alone.   Context: The informant (DB) is a first generation immigrant from Germany; her mother is from… Continue Reading »

The Mountain of el Espiritu Michoacan

So where my dad lives, el Espiritu Michoacan, there’s a big mountain with a large cross that is visible to the naked eye at the top. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but they say that religious groups took it there on horseback. The wood used was so big that they needed a… Continue Reading »