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Trunk-or-Treat: An Alternative American Halloween Celebration

Background Info: JB is a man in his early 20s and a close childhood friend of mine who grew up in Long Beach, California. His parents are from St. Louis, Missouri and Brooklyn, New York. He has attended a large (hundreds of members) Baptist church in South Central LA for his entire life. Context: We… Continue Reading »

Performing Good Deeds Blindly-Mexican Proverb

Main piece: “Haz el bien y no mires a quien” Transliteration: Do the  good and don’t look at who Translation: Perform good deeds blindly despite the outcomes Background: Informant Nationality: Mexican Location: Guadalajara, Mexico Language: Spanish  Context and Analysis: I asked my Informant, a 74-year-old female if she knew of any sayings that have stuck… Continue Reading »

Santa Lucia Candle Crowns on Christmas

Main Piece Put that down, that on Christmas eve, Santa Lucia, L-U-C-I-A: Girls would wear real candles in their hair on Church service on Christmas eve, in a crown. It was really annoying because the wax would melt into the hair, and you always thought your hair was going light on fire. I’m not sure… Continue Reading »

A Catholic Tradition Honoring My Mother

Nationality: American Primary Language: English Other Language(s): Spanish Age: 20 Residence: New York City, USA Performance Date: April 13, 2017 (Skype)   Mike is a 20 year old man, born and raised in New York, who is a mobile phone salesman in New York City. He is a high school graduate whose family is of Puerto… Continue Reading »