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Don’t Stick Your Chopsticks Straight Into Your Rice

Context: My informant is a 55 year old woman that immigrated from China to America in her early 30s. She is a mother, a registered nurse, and also a teacher in nursing school. In this account, she explains why Chinese people never stick their chopsticks straight up and down in their bowl of food. This… Continue Reading »

Don’t Stab Your Food with Chopsticks – A Chinese Folk Belief

Item: Q: You said how you can’t stab chopsticks into food? H: 落去飯(lok6 heoi3 faan6), right? [Translation: Into rice right?] Q: Yeah, 飯 (faan6) or 嘢食 (je5 sik6) in general? [Translation: Yeah, rice or food in general?] H: 嘢食 (je5 sik6) or 飯 (faan6) or whatever.  Why? [Translation: Food or rice or whatever.  Why?] H:… Continue Reading »

Deadly Chopsticks

KM is a third-generation Japanese-American from Los Angeles, CA. She now lives in Pasadena, CA with her husband and 18-year-old son. KM gave me some insight on chopstick etiquette that was passed down from her Japanese parents: “So in Japan, when you’re eating rice with chopsticks, or really anything which chopsticks, you NEVER rest them… Continue Reading »

How to hold a chopstick

Informant Background: The informant was born in Los Angeles. His family is originally from Taiwan. He grew up with his parents and grandparents who still speak Chinese, he does too. Many of his relatives are in Los Angeles so they all still practice a lot of Taiwanese/Chinese traditions and celebrate all the Chinese holiday such… Continue Reading »

Musubis and Chopsticks

Informant Background: This individual was born and grew up in Hawaii. His family is of Japanese and Chinese descent. He speaks Japanese and English. His family still practice many Japanese traditions, also many Chinese traditions. They celebrate some of the Japanese holidays. Many of the folk-beliefs and superstitious are still practiced. His relatives who are… Continue Reading »