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Anti-Lullaby to Children

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll eat some worms. Short fat skinny ones, itty-bitty little ones, guess I’ll eat some worms.” Context: The song was originally preformed by the mother of the collector when her child said that she was having difficulties making friends with children during elementary school. The collection is taken… Continue Reading »

Chinese folk saying from kids

Main piece: 你妈的头,像皮球,一脚踢到四排楼 Translation: Your mom’s head is like a ball; I will kick it to the Sipai Building. Context: This participant is born and raised in China. Growing up, she also absorbed a great load of Chinese folklore from her friends. This folklore piece is very interesting. According to her, this piece is mainly… Continue Reading »

Chinoisms: Sleep

Context & Analysis The subject often mentions her mother’s “Chinoisms”, or unique sayings that her mother learned when growing up in Chino, CA. Below is the subject’s direct quote on the origin of her mother’s proverbs:             “So my mom comes from Chino [California], and so she has a plethora of sayings that I didn’t… Continue Reading »

“It’s Worth Doing Well”

Context & Analysis The subject, my mother, and I were getting coffee for breakfast and I asked her if she could tell me some stories about her childhood. The subject’s father (who has recently passed away) was a history professor in the Midwest. The family moved frequently because of this, which made it difficult for… Continue Reading »