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Persian Sleeping Beauty

Main Piece (direct transcription): Dad: Iranians believe that if something is predicted, it will happen.  There was a king, and he had a son.  Somebody came, and told him that that boy… It’s the same thing as Disney, the same concept, do you remember… Me: Sleeping Beauty? Dad: Yes, with the spinning wheels.  In our… Continue Reading »

Muslim Traveling Superstition

Main Piece (direct transcription): Mom: Before dad and I went on our honeymoon to Madrid, dad’s mom held up the Quran, and so did his grandmother, and we actually had to walk underneath the Quran to prevent anything evil from happening to us in our travels. Me: It wasn’t just for the plane; it was… Continue Reading »

Persian Flattery Superstition

Main Story (direct transcription): Dad: If someone says that you are something positive, such as being pretty, young, wealthy, or successful, superstitious Iranians make a fire.  In the fire, they have some kinds of herbs that smell like oud, or incense, and they have seeds in them.  They make the fire in a coil, it’s… Continue Reading »

Persian New Year Tradition – Superstitions

Piece:  “My community, the Persian community, so Persian new year is on the spring equinox which is the first day of spring, it’s supposed to symbolize the start of the new year, but just like a new beginning, everything is starting to bloom again, so one of the things they do for Persian new year… Continue Reading »

Jumping Fire: Persian New Year

The Folklore: K: Would you like me to tell you about a Persian New Year tradition? E: Yes, please do. K: Every Persian New Year everyone  jumps over a burning fire. A contained fire of course. E: Does everyone participate? K: Older people and young children don’t. But those who aren’t sick and are able… Continue Reading »