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Los Encantados

Main piece:  The following was transcribed from a conversation between the informant and interviewer.  Informant: Well a popular game we played back then… I don’t know if you guys play this since everyone is on a screen now but back then we played outside. Have you heard of los encantados? Interviewer: Oh yes that’s still… Continue Reading »

Flat Chopsticks

Context: MC is a Vietnamese undergraduate student at USC. She’s currently studying cinematic arts and is my friend. One day when we were hanging out I asked her if she had any beliefs she and her family followed.  YM: So what are some beliefs or superstitious things you and your family follow?  MC: Well a… Continue Reading »

Korea’s First Birthday Tradition, Dol-jabi

Main Piece: This is a translation from a conversation with my mom about first birthday traditions in Korea. She is identified here as M and I am identified as IC. IC: Can you tell me about Dol-jabi? M: Dol-jabi is a tradition where you get the baby to grab something on their first birthday to… Continue Reading »