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Ako Bog Da (Croatian Folk Saying)

Informant Context: Ace’s grandparents immigrated to America from modern-day Croatia around the year 1912. They lived in the Midwest, and later permanently settled in Richmond, California, where many Slavic families—particularly those of Croatian and Serbian descent—lived together, working in the coal mines and on the docks during the Great Depression and into the Second World… Continue Reading »

Alchemy in Catholicism and Mother Mary

This conversation was held between the informant and myself. The informant shall be named GG and I will be MH.  GG: So in catholicism there is a belief that if Our Mother [Mother Mary] blesses you, or God, your rosary bead chain will go from silver to gold. And in Medjugorje, in the Herzegovina area… Continue Reading »

Santo Toribio Romo and Protection

Background Informant: A.G.  22 years old current senior in undergrad at USC, third generation from Honduras/Mexico Location: Los Angeles, CA Context A.G. learned this story from his mother who had friends that had crossed the border into the United States from Mexico. Given that Catholicism is a popular religion in that region, many people look to… Continue Reading »