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Joint Marriages in Gujarat

Context: The following is an account from the informant, a family friend. She told this during a conversation at a get-together. Background: This information was regarding the wedding customs of her village in the state of Gujarat in India. She had firsthand knowledge from her family and her own wedding. Main piece:  Informant: In our… Continue Reading »

Turkish Wedding Customs: Coffee

P.N. – “When Turkish girls are old enough to make a good Turkish coffee, a joke is made in the family that they are now ready to be married off.” What happens during a traditional Turkish engagement ceremony? P.N. – “In the actual engagement ceremony, the groom’s family sits in the living room while the… Continue Reading »

Chaldean Ululation

Title: Chaldean Ululation Ethnicity: Chaldean Age: 21 Situation (Location, ambience, gathering of people?): The interviewee and I are sitting in a coffee shop in San Diego, taking a break from our daily activities to have some coffee midday and talk about some of his and his families traditions. Piece of Folklore: Interviewee- “So within my family, and… Continue Reading »